Oxford rooftops 4. ROOFTOPS 4 (24 Photos)

Does Eva want to watch a musical? Does Dylan waterski in summer? The first pupil to draw all 4 stamps is the winner. Yo soy bueno en buceo pero no soy bueno en natacin. Can Antonio borrow your camera? Are you good at kayaking? Is Jorge good at cycling? Yes, she is Is Tom wearing a cap?

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Are at playing golf? What time is English? Does your brother play football?

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Does it eat seeds? Oxford Rooftops toothache, got? Is this their dictionary? Can I borrow your mobile phone?

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Unit Reinforcement 1 Complete the crossword rafting kayaking swimming waterskiing surfing diving Write the questions Answer for you Are you good at swimming? Has Tamsin got a headache? Are good surfing? Unit Reinforcement 1 Complete the sentences cold earache cough headache toothache stomach ache Write the questions Look at Activity and write the answers Have you got a cold, Billy?

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No, I don't Do you like playing football? Does Leo want to watch a romantic film? Can Antonio borrow your camera? Yes, I have Have you got a headache, Zoey? Ella es buena en gimnasia pero no es buena en tenis. Does Andrea want to watch a comedy? Do you go kayaking in winter? Are you good at.?

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Are you good at dancing? Does Mr Parker do archery in the garden? Are at playing golf? Is Monica good at surfing?

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Does she like English? What time does he have dinner? Is your best friend good at sports?

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